Want to buy De Bruyne? or Richarlison? read this first.


HUH!!!! Now the international break is here! It’s a nightmare for we the arm chair managers for various reasons, the main one being absence of premier league action for a good TWO WEEKS!!!. Other reasons are potential injuries to players that we already own, potential increase in prices to players that we intend to get after the break and the mileage covered by our fpl assets like Sanchez,Coutinho,firmino etc therefore increasing risk of being benched immediately after the break.

However, there is a silver lining for every dark cloud, this is a period of reflection and re-strategizing on how to move our teams going forward. It is because of that reason that we are now launching a new post that will run after every game week, it will be an analysis of the game weeks dream team in order to evaluate their potential and if they are good enough for your team going forward.

It is worth noting that only Ben Davies and Stephen Ward appear in the overall dream team at this point of the season.

Enough of the introduction, let’s delve straight into the analysis.

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