So finally we the keyboard managers are back busy making signings for our fantasy teams, however, first glance at the pricing of forwards tells you that this season won’t be business as usual. You just can’t have all the premium payers you need in your team i.e. Kane, Aguero,Lukaku,Morata,Jesus,Lacazette,Sanchez etc. since these early fantasy favorites cost 10M and above, so to have at least your favorites in your team you need budget buys to free up your budget.

Usually the newly promoted sides are the hunting ground for these bargains but most managers don’t have proper information on these players, well, how many managers watch the championship? This article is meant to provide you with deep insight into the new players you need to have in your team or at least on your watch list, so who are they?




The 27 year old Scott spent a season in the premier league with Bournemouth before choosing to go back to the Championship to be part of Benitez’s project. Last season in the championship he had a tally of 12 goals and 7 assists that alone would be worth 81 points in fpl without taking into consideration bonus points and appearances points. Ritchie is also Newcastle’s set piece specialist and you’d bet on him scoring a few penalties in the premier league, given his price rating of 6.0,he might as well turn out to be a bargain in the long run.



Gayle has been a constant goal scorer even in his last season in the premier league with crystal palace, last season he remained true to his form and bagged 23 goals and 2 assists in the championship which would have bagged a cool 98 fpl points without the bonuses and appearance points, if Newcastle don’t get in a new striker for their premier league campaign then I can almost bet my life on this one, at 6.5 Gayle will be an absolute steal.


The championship payer of the year is an absolutely talented and gifted winger, the Frenchman has made his name in the lower leagues and now it’s his time to make his name in the biggest stage of his life. His 15 goals and 8 assists would have been worth a whopping 99 fpl points, the Frenchman has been valued at 6.0 in the game.


The Championship golden boot winner banged in 23 goals and 5 assists which would have brought you a cool 107 points alone, factoring in bonus points and appearance points, Murray would have easily breached the 200 point mark. Considering the fact that Brighton haven’t signed a competing striker for him and at 6.0 he’s worth less than half of what Harry Kane is worth, I’d say make a run for Murray before his price starts soaring a few weeks into the league.


A good attacking defender has always been worth their weight in gold when it comes to fantasy football. Tom Smith is as good as they come. The Terriers right back contributed to 4 goals and 10 assists, his goals would only have been bettered by Milner who is a penalty taker for Liverpool, Cahill, Alonso and McAuley his assists would have only been followed by Walker a distant second with 6 assists. His contributions would have been worth a good 54 fpl points which is good attacking returns from a defender, even though he’s relatively costly at 5.0, if he reflects his attacking returns of last season he’ll be a snip at that price.


The young former Derby winger has been tipped for stardom for quite a while and I think it’s now his chance to have a telling impact in the premier league, his preseason form has been excellent thus far and he’d look to carry that from into the league. His 14 goals and 6 assists would have brought in 88 fpl points and his price tag of 6.0 will prove to be an absolute steal if he ends up reproducing these numbers in the league.


The little known Congolese player managed a respectable 12 goals and 2 assists which would have brought in 64 fpl points, his price tag of 6.0 might be a little steep for a relatively unknown player but if he goes on to be the attacking force that I know he can be, then you’ll be well served having him on your watch list.


The 22 year old Benin international is a relatively unknown quantity in fpl as well. The towering striker who played in League 1 for Montpellier last season had 14 goals and 3 assists in the French top league last season and he’ll surely add immense strength and quality to the side’s forward line, he’d have had 65 fpl points from that. Looking at his support cast in Kachunga, Ince Mooy and Kasey Palmer who is on loan from Chelsea, I fancy Mounie to improve on his goal output or at least match it. He’s quite well priced at 6.0 as well.



Author: Alexis Bryann

Soccer is my first love, every match day is valentines day for me!!!

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