Game week 7

New strikers already making a statement for their new sides.

 For the first time in almost eternity, the premier league is serving us with exciting and prolific striking options with each of the top six teams boasting at least one prolific hit man in their ranks. Manchester city (Aguero 11.7 & Jesus 10.4), Arsenal (Lacazette 10.3 & Sanchez 11.9), Chelsea (Morata 10.3 & Hazard 10.5), Manchester United (Lukaku 11.7) and Tottenham Hotspurs (Harry Kane 12.5) are all prolific front men who will each cost you at least 10% of your budget to get in your team, not to mention having 2 or 3 of them in the same team.

  Fortunately for fpl managers, this is also the season that we have relatively cheap or sub-ten million players who are prolific

and will almost certainly get you well over 100 points by the end of the season .This article will shade light on the players to pick up and the players to drop or avoid in the next few game weeks as you look to climb up your mini-league or widen that gap on top of the league, consider these viable options for your team;

  1. Jamie Vardy 8.5 (IN) 11.9% ownership.
Vardy has been in red hot form


The live wire late bloomer has been in prolific form in the last two seasons at least and is already hitting the road this season with 5 goals already to his name despite missing a penalty last week against Liverpool. His game time is not questionable and he is the designated penalty taker of Leicester city, he also is a bonus point magnet having collected 7 bonus despite missing out on potentially another 3 bonus points due to his penalty miss. If you don’t have Vardy in your forward line then you are missing out on a real bargain and an actual budget enabler who will help you get in the big hitters in the likes of Kane and the rest.

  1. Jermaine Defoe 7.8 (OUT/AVOID) 2.4% ownership.
Defoe has had a tough time with the Cherries


The veteran Englishman was an fpl must have in the last 2 seasons after getting 166 and 138 fpl points in the last 2 seasons respectively while worth just 7.0 or less. However, this season has not been as kind for the diminutive hitman who has scored a single goal and hasn’t created a single assist for his team mates in his last 6 matches for the heavily struggling cherries. With Eddie Howe under pressure to find a winning formula for the second bottom Bournemouth, it might be just a matter of time before last season’s favorite Josh King being restored as the team’s attacking focal point. If you are among the 2.4% of the managers who own him, or are planning to get him in, we suggest you ship him out or shelve your plans to acquire him.

  1. David Silva 8.4 (IN) 20.8% ownership.
David Silva
Silva has had a re-birth since shaving his hair.


The little Spanish magician has been a man on a mission if not a possessed man this season, he leads the league with 6 assists in as many games while he’s yet to score a single goal. Taking into consideration the rampant nature of the Citizens and the deadly firepower they poses upfront, rest assured more is yet to come from David Silva the Spanish magician…..oooh, he has amassed 8 bonus points as well in 6 games. If you are still scratching your head on how to get a bite of the all attractive pie that is Manchester city attack, look no further, David Silva is the all-important cog in Guardiola’s juggernaut ,get him before his price continues on its upward spiral, it’s better late than never fellow managers, snap him up now.

  1. Kevin De Bruyne 10.0 (OUT) 17.5% ownership.
De Bruyne has been deployed deep for the cityzens


The ginger head maestro is simply a victim of circumstances and a casualty of the free-flowing Guardiola’s style of play. KDB was just a point shy of 200 fpl points last season, he was in blistering form collecting 21 fpl assists and 6 goals, however this season he’s yet to post the same figures and he might realistically not do it. This is not a fault of his though, neither are his talents in doubt, he is a supremely talented midfielder and as such he is his own enemy. Guardiola has seen his potential to play and dictate play from deep midfield, a role he has played to perfection but sadly his role isn’t appreciated and isn’t going to earn fpl managers many points, at least not points worth his princely tag of 10.0. If KDB goes on to get 150 points at the end of the season, it will be big let down considering he takes up a managers 10% of the budget, if you have KDB in your side, swap him for David Silva if you must have Manchester City’s coverage before his value diminishes and with it your squad value.

  1. Henrikh Mkhitaryan 8.5 (IN) 33.3% ownership.
The Armenian has been unplayable

The clever creative Armenian has risen in value from 8.0 to 8.5 within just 6 game weeks and is now owned buy 1 out of every 3 managers in the game. A combination of 5 assists as well as a point for each of his 5 clean sheets has seen the Armenian schemer collect a cool 40 points which is more than half the points he collected the whole of last season. Despite being the player who has gained the highest value so far in the season, the Armenian is still a bargain at 8.5 and honestly speaking, Micki might still have approximately another 150 points to give before the season ends.

  1. Gylfi Sigurdsson 8.3 (OUT/AVOID) 3.7% ownership.
Gylfi is yet to hit form with the toffees

The Iceland international has been a darling for fpl managers for the last 3 season delivering above 150 points consecutively and we were all bracing ourselves for the same this season. However it is yet to happen for him this season as he is yet to register either a goal or an assist in the 389 minutes he has taken part in. This could be blamed on his manager Ronald Koeman who is trying desperately to fit all his new signings into one team and the results have taken a hit because of that. The former Swansea chief creator started the season priced at a somewhat expensive 8.5 million and he has lost 0.2 of that, I am hoping you are not among the managers who have lost their squad value because of him but if you are then it is time you replace him as we put him in our watch lists and wait for his price to fall further so that we snap him up immediately he gets back to his former self.

  1. Ben Davies 5.7 (IN) 20.6% ownership.
Ben Davies
Davies has held his own as a left back

The Welsh Right Back started the season the same way he ended last season, like a house on fire. Towards the end of last season, he managed to get starts in the team despite of the presence Danny Rose. This season so far, he has been a starter with Rose being sidelined and seemingly out of favor because of the fiery interview he had attacking his club at the start of this season. Despite collecting only 2 clean sheets in the 5 matches he has taken part in, he has also scored a goal and provided 2 assists for his team mates. Spurs have played with wing backs since the arrival of Davinson Sanchez and you can bet on Ben Davies adding to his attacking returns as a wing back and collecting more clean sheets with the White Hart always known to boast a stingy defensive record. At 5.7, you could get him by selling Baines whom we’ll look at next, if you still own him that is.



  1. Leighton Baines 5.9 (OUT/AVIOD) 7.1% ownership.
Baines is no longer the point magnet of years gone

In Previous articles, I have always been a big fan of the attack minded English Left Back, things have changed this season though, and the change is not in favour of the marauding left back. Granted he might still provide the occasional assist, he simply no longer is the must have player of yester years having lost his pace, Everton lacking a target man in the shape of Tim Cahill or Romelu Lukaku as well as losing hi set piece duties to veteran Wayne Rooney. Clean sheets are not going to be in abundance for Everton as well, so keeping Baines will simply strain your budget as well as lower your team value seeing as he has already dropped by 0.1 so far this season. Sorry Baines, things just aren’t looking good for you…… if you are among the 7.1% of managers you might want to rethink your loyalty to him since there are a plenty available cheaper selections in the form of Davies, Cedric, Bertrand, Phil Jones etc.

  1. Phil Jones 5.2 (IN) 10.6% ownership.
How many faces does Jones have?

Phil Jones is not known for attacking returns but no one can argue with the defensive prowess of Mourinho’s sides, the Portuguese tactician has been accused of “parking the bus” but as a fpl manager you should careless about that since it means clean sheet potential.

If you think the multi-faced Englishman is criminally underpriced for a Mourinho starting defender, then he is definitely criminally underrated seeing as he is owned by only 10.6% of managers despite keeping 5 clean sheets in only 6 matches. Even though Mourinho has Smalling and new signing Lindelof, Phil Jones is still a starter at least for now as Smalling struggles to convince Mourinho and Lindelof is still being wrapped around cotton wool before being eased into the premier league, Phil Jones is still a very good option and I think he is fully worth the investment for a fpl manager.


Seems like Phil Jones hurt himself against Southampton and might miss the weekend match against CRP, if you don’t have him then better avoid him.

  1. Ahmed Hegazi 4.9 (AVOID) 27.4% ownership.
Hegazi joined the league with a bang

The lanky Egyptian started his loan at Westbrom with a goal and a clean sheet earning a massive 15 points, consequently, he now is the most owned defender with his value rising from 4.5 to 4.9. However his lofty ownership so far is like seeing an elephant on top of a tree, no one knows how it got there but everyone knows it won’t stay there for long.

We all know how good Pulis’ side are with set pieces but if you don’t have Hegazi yet, I think it’s better you avoid him since his returns will realistically not keep the same trend. If you have him though, you might have to start looking for a replacement or at least have another player that you can rotate him with since their fixtures are taking a turn for the worst at least till game week 13.

I hope I have helped you out, all the best arm-chair managers heading to game week 7 and may your arrows be forever green.

Be sure to come around soon and look at our article on the best captain candidates ahead of game week 7. CHEERS to all Mourinhos, Wengers, Guardiolas, Contes, Klopps etc. of fantasy football.


Author: Alexis Bryann

Soccer is my first love, every match day is valentines day for me!!!


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