These are unofficial awards that go to various epl players for their achievements or lack of, across the entire season both in fpl and epl…


This one goes to the player who started the season without catching most people’s attention but ended up as a must have. They also started the season with a criminally low price tag.

Raheem Sterling.

The diminutive Jamaican-born Englishman started the season with a price tag of a modest £8.0 and as part of only 247,309 teams. He went on to be sold by numerous managers and by GW 4, he was only part of 111,976 teams and his price at an all-time low of £7.8.

Sterling went on to win over managers’ faith, at one point being part of 2,229,642 teams. He went on to score 18 goals and created 17 assists, from the 33 games he played, a contribution of more than a goal/assist per match.

His career best 229 points, made him the highest scoring player for the English champions as well as the second highest scoring fpl player, only behind the devastatingly good Mohammed Salah. He however ended the season as part of only 27.6% of fpl teams, making him the most under-rated player. Too bad his price will be revised upwards next season, thanks to his barnstorming performance this season.

Honorable mentions to Milivojevic and Shaqiri.


This award goes to the player who started the season with managers having high expectations of him and that was reflected by their season’s starting price as well.


Alexis Alejandro Sanchez started the season as the second most expensive player in the game, only second to the former golden boot winner Harry Kane. He was worth £12.0 at the start of the season, more expensive than Aguero, De Bruyne, Salah, Hazard, Lukaku, Firmino and all the games’ big names who went on to finish above the Chilean.

To put it into perspective, he was double the price of Groβ and Shaqiri, who all finished with more points than the former Arsenal man. Sanchez wins this award solely thanks to his incredibly high price at the start of the season coupled with his best output on English soil last season, 24 goals and 11 assists, ending last season with a massive 264 fpl points.

Hopefully, he’ll be worth having next season, with his price revised downwards next season and having had a full pre-season and proper summer rest with Chile not playing in Russia next month.

Honorable mentions to Hazard, Cech and Ozil.



This is an award that goes to the player who has made the biggest impact in fpl since they were signed.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

This was a tight race between the Gabonese and Egyptian King Mo Salah. Aubameyang just edges his illustrious competitor courtesy of an extra assist and 2 extra bonus points in their respective first 13 matches for their clubs.

Since Aubameyang joined the gunners in January, he has played 13 matches. He went on to score 10 goals and create 4 assists in the period while collecting 12 bonus points for his trouble. Salah on the other hand, in his first 13 matches, scored 10 goals, created 3 assists and collects 10 bonus points.

Salah has been outstanding this season, this just goes to show how an incredible goodbye signing from Arsene Wenger Aubameyang has been.

Yo Pierre!!!, enjoy your award and we look forward to having you in our fpl teams next season, kindly turn on the African magic again, your and Salah are flying the African flag high.

Honorable mentions to Groβ, Salah and Ederson.



This one goes to that player who has surprised us with how good they are, despite being virtual unknowns at the start of the season.

Nick Pope.

This is a classic footballing story, an undisputedly good player who no one can dislodge from the first 11 gets hurt, his number 2 grabs the opportunity with both hands, making it impossible for the previously undisputedly good player to return to the team after injury.

At the beginning of the season, Pope was unknown to most of us. He popped out of nowhere and he is now a house hold name, being called up for the THREE LIONS team going to Russia for the world cup.

The English-man played his first game when he came on in the 54th minute in GW4 as a replacement for the injured Tom Heaton for Burnley. He went on to keep 11 clean-sheets, make 1 penalty save, collect 152 points with 19 bonus points as an appreciation for his efforts.

He was the 4th best fpl goalie, behind only De Gea, Ederson and Fabianski. He beat his more established opponents in Petr Cech, Hugo Lloris, Thibaut Courtois and Even Kasper Schmeichel. All the best with being called to the THREE LIONS squad, kindly surprise us again by starting a game Popey.



This one goes to the one player who was criminally underpriced and went on to make a mockery out of his price tag.

Pascal Groβ.

The German was a consideration for surprise of the season, most under rated as well as best new signing awards. This however is his best category. He came to the league unknown to most fpl managers having been quite productive in the German bundesliga, he finished the season with a total of 164 points and as part of 15.4% of teams.

The midfielder started the season as part of only 27,254 teams but ended up as part of 1,176,227 teams at some point of the season. He also finished the season above his more illustrious colleagues like Sadio mane, Alexis Sanchez, Paul Pogba, Mesut Oezil and Henrikh Mkhitaryan to mention but a few, despite being significantly cheaper than them and even being less than half the price of Alexis Sanchez.

His total of 15 goals and assists put him firmly on our radar for next season, knowing that he will not suffer so much of an upward price revision.

Honorable mentions to Sterling, Zaha, Arnautovic, Fabianski and Son.


This embarrassing award goes to the player who flattered to deceive at the start of the season but ended his season catastrophically bad.

Alvaro Morata.

I know this might feel a little too harsh on the Spaniard, considering he was new to the league and all that, but it is what it is.

Morata turned our heads with how he took to the league like a duck to water. He immediately set about making all of us wonder whether Manchester United had let go of a chance to sign an incredible goal scorer. He scored a goal and an assist in his first game despite only being on the field for 31 minutes, he repeated the same feat again a game later, then followed it up soon with an impressive hat trick.

By this point, his price was rising steadily, thanks to the number of managers rushing to have a piece of is impressive form. His popularity was increasing exponentially, at some point of the season he was part of 2,038,861 teams, with his price hitting an all-time high of £10.8.

However, his downward spiral soon started. A combination of poor form and bench-warming saw him score 1 goal and provide only 1 assist in 16 game weeks. Then came Olivier Giroud and the managers who had even the slightest of hope left in the Spaniard could no longer hold on to him. He was shipped out of teams ending the season as part of 447,739 most of them being inactive teams.

To put it into perspective, Morata ended the season with only 1 goal more than Aubameyang who joined the league in game week 26, that’s how bad the £10.5 rated forward plummeted, he even lost his place in the last national team call up for Spain. Could this be a blessing in disguise for managers come next season? Morata’s price could be revised downwards thanks to his poor output as well as now having competition from Olivier Giroud. Hope you make it to the Spanish national team for Russia Alvaro.

Honorable mentions to Redmond, Oezil and Chicharito.



FPL biggest differential goes to the one player who ended the season being part of less than 10% squads but had a very good performance throughout the season.

Riyad Mahrez.

The Algerian magician ended the season only 5 points shy of 200 fpl points. He contributed to 25 goals and assists (12 goals 13 assists) and ended the season as the 5th best midfielder behind only Salah, Sterling, KDB and Eriksen, not bad company at all.

The Algerian did not at any point go above the 1,000,000 ownership mark in the entire season, despite clearly exhibiting his credentials across the entire season. He has been in the premier league for 4 seasons now, performing his magic season in season out but still this one was his second best season in England, following in his title winning performance two seasons ago.

Wherever Riyad will play his football next season, we know he is a magical player and I just hope he remains in the premier league.

Honorable mentions to Arnautovic, Lingard, Bertrand and Ayoze Perez.



This one goes to the undisputed best player of the season.

Mohammed Salah.

There is only one player who would have brought debate or any challenge whatsoever to this title, that is Harry Kane who has won it the last two seasons, however the sheer magnitude of goals and assists makes Salah our undisputed winner.

The Egyptian is the first player to ever go past the 300 points mark. This is no mean fit considering the highest ever points scored before Salah was by another Liverpool forward, Luis Suarez who ended the season with 295 fpl points.

Salah ended this season with a record breaking incredible 303 points, thanks to 32 goals scored and 12 assists created. This makes the diminutive Egyptian the best fpl player ever. He ended the season as a virtual must have, being in 3,354,920 which translates to an incredible 56.7% of teams.

Best wishes in your world cup endeavors, our fpl king, Africa is solidly behind you.



This one goes to the one player who has been consistently good in fpl for the longest time. It goes to…..

Sergio Kun Aguero.

Sergio Kun Aguero is a man of all seasons. He has been a must have when fit ever since he set foot on English soil. He has been doing it since the 2011/2012 season producing an incredible 5 twenty point seasons, only failing to hit the 20 goal mark two times.

When this season started, everyone was worried for Aguero with the Cityzens manager seen to be favoring his newest shiny toy in Gabriel Jesus. True to that as well as injuries, Aguero has started only 23 games this season but has produced an incredible 21 goals as well as 6 assists, collecting 22 bonus points in the process.

The Cityzens all-time top scorer has mastered the art of putting the round thing in the net and we hope for more of this from him next season if he remains in the league. Hope fpl review his price downwards courtesy of the small matter of competition from Jesus. Our ever-green veteran, enjoy your world cup and I hope you get to start ahead of all those talented Argentinian forwards, you deserve it massively.



This one goes to the outright highest bonus point collector.

Harry Kane.

Harry Kane has been unfortunate this time round, scoring an incredible 29 goals but failing to clinch the golden boot, even after claiming that famous Eriksen goal. He equaled his career best goal tally in the league and deserves an honorable mention, he’d have won the ever green category but for the incredible Aguero who has done it longer.

Honorable mentions go to Firmino (29), Vardy (28), Salah (26), Silva (26) and Azpilicueta (25).

Whom do you think deserves what award? And whom do you think is in this list undeservedly? Let’s hear what you have to say in the comments.






Author: Alexis Bryann

Soccer is my first love, every match day is valentines day for me!!!

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