Game week 16 Captain picks
Game week 16 Captain picks.

Captain decision has to be spot on this game week, failure to do so, you will painfully miss out on fpl cup. Our last article on fpl cup was meant to shed some light onto the cup, now you have to make a wise captaincy decision for you to be sure of qualification. Here are some of my fpl predicted weekend captains.


Arsenal are out again this weekend on a point hunting mission at St Mary’s stadium, they will face their host Southampton.  Lacazette will be one of the Wenger’s crucial men in the clash against Pellegrino’s boys with the Frenchman set start as his striker.

Arsenal dropped points to league runners up despite Arsenal players looking sharp, Jose’s boys were sharper at the right times especially DDG who managed to pull out a league joint record 14 saves.

Arsenal attack spear headed by the former Lyon man will seek revenge for the Emirates humiliation by looking to outscore Southampton. Captaining “Laca” may pay off because the Frenchman is expected to bag a goal or more, or maybe assist his mates.

By the way, this player is only owned by 8.5% of the fpl managers. Consider taking advantage of the other 91.5% of the managers if you are among the trusty 8.5 %.



The Brazilian magician seems to be on a mission to make Barcelona see what they missed out on week-in-week-out. His 4 goals 5 assists in 8 games this season is just outstanding, coupled with the fact that he has returned double figures in 4 of those 8 games, Coutinho is looking like an outstanding midfield candidate for the arm band.

Liverpool face a rejuvenated Everton in the Merseyside derby, this game being a derby will hopefully provide the spark and goals that Coutinho thrives in either through goals or assists.

Philippe continued his incredible Brighton performance, where he scored and provided 3 assists for his mates, by scoring a hat trick in their UCl match against Spartak Moscow.

His first goal was a Penalty, which could mean that Coutinho is Liverpool’s designated penalty taker, this will surely boost his attacking output. Coutinho was a member of last week’s dream team.



This is a daredevil captain pick. A real gambler and a risk taker will agree with me because very few  FPL manager captain defenders and much fewer of Kolasinac owners will captain him.

A defender with a potential to keep a clean sheet and chip in with the odd goal or assist is not a bad contender of being picked as a captain.  If the Bosnian pulls another performance like the one he displayed when the gunners entertained Swansea, then this dare devil decision will turn into a very inspired decision.

The arsenal new boy has attracted 15.1 % of fpl managers and if you are one of them, this could be your ticket to ensuring you qualify for the cup with minimal fuss.

  1. EDEN HAZARD £10.8

The Chelsea man has been nothing short of impressive since shaking off his early season injury woes. 2 goals scored as he inspired a comeback against Newcastle last time out in the league saw the Belgian bag accumulate a third double point haul.

Visiting Moyes’ struggling Hammers provides another opportunity for Eden to continue showing how much he is loving his partnership with Alvaro Morata, another not so bad option for Captaincy.

Hazard is still relatively low owned, with 13.1% of managers putting their faith I him, if you are among them then this could also be your moment to leverage your trust.Hazard was also a member of last week’s dream team.


Please join our competitive “Champions league” fpl league using the code 93110-26454 and measure yourself among the best managers.

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Author: Alexis Bryann

Soccer is my first love, every match day is valentines day for me!!!

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