Fantasy premier league

Ever heard of Fantasy premier league? Are you wondering what it is and what it’s all about? Well, worry no more because I am here to help you out.


Fantasy Premier League or FPL is an online game which allows you to select a team from the current premier league players and you gain points depending on their performance in premier league matches. As soon as you sign up you will be given 100 pounds and you have to select your team within that 100 pounds.

The price of players varies from 4.0 – 13.0 pounds depending upon their performances. Initially they start with a price that depends upon how the player played last season and then the price may change accordingly depending upon his current performances.

Step 1 – Register Yourself

Visit and register yourself using your email-id or alternatively register using your Facebook account.

This is how the FPL home age looks like, select sign up now.

Step 2 – Selecting Your Team

Once you register yourself for this you are provided with £100 million (virtual money) which you need to spend on selecting 15 players from the 20 teams who are in the Premier League.

To start with, you need to select the following players:
1) Two Goalkeepers
2) Five Defenders
3) Five Mid-Field players and
4) Three Forwards/Strikers

You are free to choose any player from any team provided you do not select more that 3 players from the same team. So if you are die-hard/hardcore Manchester United fan, for example, this rule will keep you at bay from selecting all your 15 players from Manchester United alone.

The most important thing to remember while selecting your team (a.k.a buying players) is the budget (£). As you buy a player, the budget is decreased based on the price of that player (which is also in millions). Due to this, it is a challenge that you will face when you try to extract your best 15 players for the game/season.

Select a team of 15 players from whom you’ll pick your starting 11

Step 3 – Selecting Your First-11, Captain and Vice-Captian

Once you are ready with your 15-player squad, you need to choose your first-11 players. Based on the performances of these players in the actual Premier League matches, you will earn points for that respective GameWeek (GameWeek is the week when the actual Premier League matches take place).

You are also required to choose a Captain and a Vice-Captain because a Captain will earn you double the points which he scores based on his actual performance.

The Vice-Captain also gives you the same benefit as the Captain but only if your Captain did not play a match in that GameWeek.

Let me explain this to you with the following scenario:
Captain – Harry Kane
Vice-Captain – Dele Alli
GameWeek situation
a) Both Kane and Alli play their respective match. In this case Kane’s points will be doubled and not Alli’s.
b) Kane did not play his match and Alli played his. In this case, Alli’s points will be doubled.
c) Both Kane and Alli did not play their respective match. In this case, you will not earn double points for any player.

Game week 26 team
This is an example of my 11 man team for Game Week 26

Step 4 – Competing With Friends And Strangers

You can create/join either a Private/Public Group. In a Private Group you choose to compete with your friends. Whereas, in a Public Group, you will compete with other players in Fantasy Premier League.

These are the leagues I am currently part of

Other Key Points To Note

  1. A) When you find out that one or more of your players are not performing, you can use the Transfer section to remove that player from your team and select another better player. After each GameWeek, you are awarded 1 Free-Transfer. Free-Transfer means it will not cost you your GameWeek points for buying another player. You will only require the budget to buy that player. Also, you cannot exceed more that 2 Free-Transfers in a GameWeek, which means it will cost you 4 points for every player that you transfer after your 2 Free-Transfers are over for the respective GameWeek.
  2. B) You need to have at the most 1-Goalkeeper, 3-Defenders and 1-Forward selected always and you are allowed to play any the following formations:
    1) 5-4-1
    2) 5-3-2
    3) 5-2-3
    4) 4-5-1
    5) 4-4-2
    6) 4-3-3
    7) 3-5-2
    8) 3-4-3
    Hope I did not miss any other formation 😉


  1. C) You are awarded with the following cards to use:



1) Wildcard – This allows you to completely change your 15-player squad without you having to loose on your GameWeek points. You get 2 of these cards. One to be used before the Premier League’s January Transfer Window and one post the Transfer Window closes.
2) Free hit – This was previously known as Bench boost, It has now been changed to allow a manager to change his/ her entire team for one game week without losing points which are normally lost when you transfer a player without having a free transfer. Your original team is restored the following week, you only receive this chip once a season as well.
3) Triple Captain – This is similar to Step 3 mentioned above but with this card played, the points of your Captain / Vice-Captain will be 3-times their original points. You get only 1-Triple Captain Card which can be used anytime during the season.
4) Bench Boost – With this card played, your total points will include the points of the players that are your substitutes. In short, points of all the 15 players will be added for that Game Week. You get only 1-BenchBoost card which can be used anytime during the season.

N/B. – You cannot use all the cards at once. Only one card can be played for a Game Week.

Also please join our competitive “Champions league” fpl league using the code 93110-26454 and measure yourself among the best managers.

I also would love to hear your reactions in the comment section and also if you have any questions regarding your team, feel free to ask in our comments section.CHEERS!!!.


Author: Alexis Bryann

Soccer is my first love, every match day is valentines day for me!!!


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